Marty aims to go global as his video goes viral

MARTY Thompson sure knows how to use social media to get noticed. And he hopes it isn’t just his latest Facebook venture which will go global but his new video and music career as well.

With 7,000 invites sent via Facebook, he has already had almost 3,500 hits on Youtube for his debut music video ‘Dancing in the rain’.

The Lurgan guitarist started a campaign via Facebook to get noticed and asked his friends to share the video.

He created a photo with his Facebook and Twitter address behind him on a massive poster so that people would be in no doubt how to find him.

“It’s really hard to get noticed in the music industry,” Marty said.

He has sent his debut EP Escape From Nowhere’, which he released last month, to loads of radio stations and sent ‘a heap load of emails’.

And he asked if his Facebook friends could help him out and share the photo with his contact details to help him get noticed and his video played.

Of the more than 7,000 people invited to the event on Facebook, almost 700 joined and Marty hopes the campaign will go viral and he will get the attention of the record labels and playlists.

Marty told the Mail: “I want to get my music to as many people as possible and to get feedback on what they think of it. Facebook and Youtube is free, although making the music video and recording is really expensive.

“I’m hoping that it will attract someone in the music business and open a door for me with the possibilty of getting a manager or an agent and most of all to get a recording contract.

“The event is also helping me to promote my music which I’ve have recorded so far, allowing people to have a sneak preview of what is in store for my EP launch night on Saturday April 6 in the International Bar, Tickets are £6 and my “Escape from Nowhere” debut EP is £5. Both are available in icons coffee house Lurgan .

All info can be found at the following , twitter: @MA12TYT ,

Plus another Lurgan man Darran Lee from Maverick Renegade Productions who filmed the video for Marty’s debut music video, will be filming in the International on the EP launch night and live shots will be appearing in his new music video “Escape from Nowhere” that starts shooting this week, if anyone wants to get famous.

Here is a link to the Youtube video