New play by Stage Aid

Stage Aid director Armand Gaillard, right with Jane Hughes and Peter Dynes. LM1009-110gc
Stage Aid director Armand Gaillard, right with Jane Hughes and Peter Dynes. LM1009-110gc

GILFORD playwright Armand Gaillard is back with his latest self-penned comedy - The Departure Lounge.

‘The Departure Lounge’, as the name insinuates, may not entirely be what you expect, but will strike a sensitive chord with you, where you can laugh ‘with’ rather that ‘at’ some of life’s colourful characters.

‘The Departure Lounge’ is set in a nursing home in a town somewhere in Northern Ireland. When two men, James Allen and Henry Flannigan meet by chance, they discover that although they are very different characters and from very different walks of life, they share the surnames of two famous Music Hall artists – ‘Flannigan and Allen’- and decide to monopolise on their new-found music talents.

Within the nursing home, however, not everyone shares Flannigan and Allen’s new-found enthusiasm and musical aspirations, preferring their regular on-going keep-fit and bingo activities.

Although Henry had not planned to spend his days in a nursing home, he was not aware of the undercurrents that had led to his admission. Sometimes things aren’t always predictable and parting from the ‘Departure Lounge’ can indeed open a whole new chapter in life.

It is worth noting that throughout its history, Stage Aid is proud of its record that all of the people involved with the Society give their time and services free. This personal generosity of each and every individual involved, continues to enable them to work towards their main objective of raising money for Third World charities, by staging the best possible productions with the minimum of expense.

Over the past number of years, as a result of this commitment and the support of the public who continue to follow each performance, Stage Aid has been able to donate over £50,000 pounds to Third World charities.

Please book your seats now and fasten your seatbelts for Friday, May 31 and Sunday, June 2 in Gilford Community Club Hall at 8pm. The fare is £5.