Summer drama at Market Place

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The Market Place Theatre in Armagh is set to host the now annual Summer drama offering from one of Ireland’s leading amateur theatre groups, Belvoir Players.

‘The Auction In Killybuck’ is set in 1914 in North Antrim, where Aunt Rebecca has a farm of land to sell.

Her nephew would like to buy but he refuses to marry the girl his aunt has chosen for him, preferring his own choice of sweetheart. She refuses to lend him the money to make the purchase.

The local auctioneer, aided and abetted by a few locals, set about thwarting the old girls wishes, and by some very devious means, conspire to get the farm for Robert

This play is full of rich humour of the time and has become part of Ulster theatre folklore. A keen social history is shows us as we were 100 years ago and some might even suggest that nothing much has changed. Prepare to be moved, amused, and entertained by watching this charming piece of Ulster theatre.

‘The Auction In Killybuck’ will take place on Friday 8th and Saturday, August 9 at 8pm. Tickets are priced £11 and £9 (concession), and can be booked by contacting the Box Office on [028] 3752 1821, or online at