Swiss success for local band

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LOCAL Christian metal band For Christ Sake played at the 10th anniversary of the Elements of Rock festival in Switzerland on Friday. They were kind enough to share their tour diary from the festival with the ‘MAIL’...

Friday, March 15: “Check in at Dublin airport was very easy and very soon we were on Swiss Airlines flight to Zurich for the two-hour journey. We arrived to be met by our driver Nate (from Elements of Rock). He brought us to our accommodation and we got our bearings we were then transported to the venue.

“We met many great people and made new friends and supporters we met some of our influences in the name of Jayson Sherlock of Horde, Rex Carroll Band, Whitecross, etc.

“Our slot time was late on Friday night and we were to close the first night of the festival concerts. We had just watched Horde play a brilliant set and whilst we were a bit nervous to follow one of our influences we carried on.

“Our set went down really well with great crowd/band interaction. We even had someone come up on stage to have their birthday celebrated.

“We had a 45-minute set and the crowd wanted an encore. We played most of our set from our forthcoming album Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror out this May on

Saturday, March 16: “We had a day of rest and relaxation we used this time to meet with other like minded bands and fans at the festival to spread the gospel and help promote Christian viewpoint in music. We got to check out the rest of the bands that were playing on the Saturday night and it was great fun.”

Sunday, March 17: “We got our flight back to Belfast tired and weary but happy we had made a great impression for Northern Irish metal.”

Lead guitarist Simon gave his personal highlights from the days spent at the world famous Elements of Rock festival. He said: “I’d read about the Elements of Rock festival before and heard really good things about it, so it was very exciting coming nearer to the time of it.

“I had also been in contact with a couple of people over Facebook who where looking forward to seeing us (some of which had travelled for hours to see us), so it was great to get to meet them and play for them. All in all it was a brilliant weekend (thank goodness for the sleep-in on Monday though!).

“For me personally there was no single highlight but a lot of things about it that I really appreciated, be it enjoying playing our set, watching some of the other bands (such as Horde, Drottnar, Necroblation, Innerseige, Metatron, etc - give these guys a shout on Facebook!) meeting guys from some of the bands that I really like and sitting talking with them, meeting label mates, meeting and making new fans/friends and hanging out with them was great (big shout to them, they know who they are!), jamming on some really nice guitars, I could go on.

“When we played our set we without a doubt saw one of our best crowds/reactions the whole time we’ve been going as a band, it was nice dedicating to a birthday during our set too. Though it’s only when you come to somewhere like this, that you also realize how difficult our accents are for the rest of the world to understand! The EOR staff and organizers where also really good to work with, so big thanks to them too for that. All in all it was a blessing to play at this festival, and we’re honoured to get to play at their 10th anniversary (they have a DVD coming out so look out for it!) and hopefully we get to come back soon!”