US museum opens at Brownlow House

Carla Lockhart attends the new state-of-the-art American museum in Brownlow House.
Carla Lockhart attends the new state-of-the-art American museum in Brownlow House.

A brand new state of the art museum is opening soon in Brownlow House, after £130,000 was invested in the project.

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart, who was instrumental in proposing and steering the investment through Craigavon Borough Council, has hailed the American Museum as a huge success.

“I was thrilled to see first-hand the difference that a £130,000 investment from Craigavon Borough Council has made to the basement area of Brownlow House,” Councillor Lockhart commented.

“I never quite imagined such a superb end product, and would like to thank the Friends of Brownlow House - particularly David Martin and Sam McCleary, for their efforts. I would also like to thank Council officials who went over and above their call of duty to deliver this superb project.”

Mrs Lockhart recently received an exclusive tour of the exhibition and now looks forward to its official opening, when it can be enjoyed by visitors from both near and far.

“When looking at the legacy I wanted Craigavon Borough Council to leave, I wanted to ensure that Brownlow House featured, and that its tourist potential within the area and further afield would be realised as a direct result of the Council’s input,” she continued.

“Tourism is a key driver for economic growth and the potential which Brownlow House possesses needs further explored and invested in by local and central authorities. There has been a complete refurbishment of the old basement, which was utilised by allied forces and in January 1942 served as headquarters for the V (US) Army Corps.

“It is also well documented that General Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed overnight in Brownlow House during this period, and some very exciting new history has been found whilst the museum curator was researching. This tourist exhibition will go some way to highlighting the rich history and capturing the hearts and minds of both local people and our American tourists.”

Mr David Martin, Chairman of Friends of Brownlow House, commented:

“This is a win for Brownlow House. We have been able to capture the historic value of the house and showcase the remarkable role that it has played in the fabric of Lurgan over decades. This £130,000 spend has gone some way to further regenerating and utlising the Castle. It will, we believe, act as a catalyst for further funding opportunities. I would like to thank Craigavon Borough Council for their contribution and would encourage everyone to visit the exhibition following its official opening on 15th August.”