Video: Drum cover by Dayle Williams

Lurgan drummer Dayle Williams showcases his drumming skills by covering Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man) by Set Your Goals.

Dayle (24) spends his life surrounded by drumsticks. When he’s not banging them on his drumkit he’s working at a chicken manufacturer as a product developer.

Dayle Williams

Dayle Williams

The Moy Park employee had been a drummer for hire until recently when he decided to concentrate on making the music he wanted to make.

He has proved to be a YouTube sensation with his drum covers and his skills have won him fans around the world.

He told the ‘Mail’: “I’d been helping out other bands, but now I’m focusing on myself.

“I put a video of one of my drum covers on YouTube and it got 300 views in 24 hours. In two months I got 1,000 likes on Facebook. Last night, I was sitting at 1,500 likes.

“I’m getting people messaging me from all over the world wanting to talk about drums. I never thought anything like this could have come from it.

“In 2013 YouTube is a really good way for people to hear your voice or listen to your music.”

He added: “The ambition is to get a name for myself then move on to session work or join a band who need a drummer.

“The music I’m into is pretty niche. I like metalcore and hardcore.

“There are bands of this type in Northern Ireland but they’re few and far between. I’ve drummed with other bands but I’ve never really been able to play the music I want to play.”

Dayle’s influences include Texas In July drummer Adam Gray and Luke Holland who started off as a YouTube drummer.