Charlatan in town

TIM Burgess will play Stiff Kitten on Saturday, October 27.

Tickets (£14.50) are on sale from the usual outlets.

It’s fair to say that over the past two years, Burgess has been a very, very busy man. In that time, the Charlatans singer has completed ‘Telling Stories’, an autobiography for Penguin Books.

He’s launched the bold ‘O Genesis’ record label, releasing a series of seven inch singles that reflects Burgess’ own diverse musical interests and his phenomenal crate-digging instincts. These have included singer songwriter Joseph Coward, the cult musician R Stevie Moore, contemporary post punk via Electricity In Our Homes, and a spoken word release from poet Jack Underwood.

On Twitter Tim Peak’s Diner has become a virtual meeting place for music obsessives the world over.

This, alongside his regular eclectic DJ sets, led Burgess to the attention of BBC 6 Music, who commissioned him to produce shows on Christmas and New Years Eve. And then, of course, there’s his new solo album ‘Oh No I Love You’, which arguably features some of Burgess’ finest music to date.