Kab Driver makes debut

KAB Driver AKA David Baxter is about to release his eponymous debut album.

The 28-year-old who originates from Lurgan’s Gilford Road has already had success with a series of 12” singles.

The Belfast-based musician/producer/sound designer is also the co-founder of RESET label and club night.

Having studied at North West Regional College, David worked in a recording studio in Derry and graduated from the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s.

“I’m a trained electric bassist and currently learning jazz funk keys. My musical interests are underground electronic music, funk, soul and jazz,” said David.

“I also do sound design for iOS apps and short films. I recently finished working alongside CGI artist Greg Maguire.”

The 14-track album fuses elements of funk, electronica, jazz and two-step.

You will find elements of Burnt Friedman, Jan Jelinek, LFO, Bootsy Collins, Brian Eno, SND, Boards of Canada, Coldcut, Throbbing Gristle and a lot more in his music.

This record also features collaborations from Planet Mu’s all-time favourite and Baxter’s long-time collaborator Boxcutter, as well as the talented local soul vocalist Brian Greene.

The LP is due out on September 3 on an indie French label called Airflex Labs.