Stage Aid picked to play Waterfront

The Departure Lounge.
The Departure Lounge.

Stage Aid Drama Society’s latest award winning comedy production, The Departure Lounge, written and directed by local man Armand Gaillard, will be in the Waterfront Studio on Friday, October 3.

Tickets are £10 on sale from the usual outlets.

The play won the Audience Award at Lislea Drama Festival in February this year and has sold out performances in The Marketplace Theatre, Armagh, Newcastle Arts Festival and Lislea Festival.

The Departure Lounge is set in a nursing home where two men, James Allen and Henry Flannigan, meet by chance and discover they are very different characters and from very different walks of life, yet they share the surnames of two famous music hall artists - Flannigan and Allen. Sometimes things aren’t always predictable and parting from the Departure Lounge can indeed 
open a whole new chapter in life.

Stage Aid has become a well known, long established and reputable society since it was established in 1985 by local man Armand Gaillard, a talented musician, songwriter and playwright.

Stage Aid has been able to donate in excess of £60,000 to various Third World and local charities.