A ‘Bugg’ that’s easy to pick up

THE self-titled debut album by Jake Bugg has proved a major success across the UK with his album gaining him a nomination for ‘British Breakthrough Act’ at the recent Brit Awards and certified as a Platinum album.

Jake is passionate about original music and songwriting as seen on his album which reflects on his years growing up with his mates and family in Clifton, Nottingham.

Jake is not like many other 19 year old artists out there at the moment as his selling point is his music rather than his image unlike One Direction, who he recently slammed for not penning their own songs.

The standout songs on ‘Jake Bugg’ are ‘Two Fingers’, ‘Lightening Bolt’ and ‘Seen it all’ which all show off his great Bob Dylan-esque vocals and his guitar playing.

The 14 songs on the album are short, sharp and engaging with the faster paced songs having a rock and blues feel to them. The slower songs on the album have a more country sound to them, which deserves a lot of credit as most modern 19 year olds aren’t into country music, but Jake makes it sound young again.

Overall a fantastic album which has in my view shot Jake’s reputation up to the best young, original talent currently in the UK.

Rating 4/5

By Jake Williamson