Another great entry in the X-Men film series

Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc
Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc

The latest in the X-Men film series, ‘The Wolverine‘, is a follow up to 2006’s ‘X-Men: The Last Stand‘ and 2009’s ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

After the death of Jean Grey, Logan (Wolverine) has become a reclusive drifter. A Japanese bodyguard called Yukio tracks him down and brings a message; her master, Yashida, is gravely ill and wants to thank Logan for saving his life years earlier.

They travel to Japan, where Yasida makes a proposition - he wants Logan’s advance healing abilty, which will take away Logan’s immortality, allowing him to live a normal life. While in Japan, Logan has to fend off Ninja’s, Samurai and the Yakuza, while also coping with a new found mortality.

‘The Wolverine‘ is another exciting, action packed, Marvel film. This is mainly down to Hugh Jackman’s strong performance, as well as a strong story - one of Wolverine’s most celebrated comic arcs. Undoubtably, the highlight is an excellent post credit sequence, which hints at events to come and left me excited for the next installment.

It’s incredible to think Hugh Jackman has now been playing Wolverine for almost 15 years. He does a great service to the character and these films as a collective.

He returns in next years ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘.