Arnie stars in Agatha Christie adaptation

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When I tell people Arnold Schwarz-enegger’s latest film is adapted from an Agatha Christie story, I’m given a puzzled look; presumably they picture Arnie with a Poirot moustache.

Alas, we don’t get to see that in Sabotage, which is only loosely based on Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’. Arnie leads a special DEA taskforce. When they bust a drug cartel’s operation, they take ten million dollars of the cartel’s funds, which they hide and plan to collect later. The money goes missing and the team come under investigation. Some of them end up dead in the days afterwards and suspicion arises among them.

Arnie’s team is a crass, rowdy bunch. Not one of them is an appealing, nor interesting, character and are utterly expendable in the name of exposition. One of them is played by Sam Worthington, who is rendered unrecognisable with a beard and shaved head.

Sabotage isn’t the ammunition filled extravaganza you might be expecting. The action setpieces (which are impressive, violent and have a gritty ‘cop drama’ quality about them), are generally toned down in favour of plot development, and the bloodshed is surprisingly graphic, but not excessive.

I’d recommend it.