Chinese Zodiac marks end of era for Chan

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Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac is the informal third entry in his Armour of God series.

Informal because Jackie doesn’t own the rights to those films, which along with the Police Story series were among his biggest hits in the mid 80s and early 90s. Think a Chinese version of Indiana Jones.

Jackie leads a team of mercenaries searching for lost Chinese artefacts, several bronze heads representing various animals. The high points are Jackie’s trademarks; the stunts, slapstick comedy and action choreography. A duel he has on a couch has to be seen to be believed.

Due to his age (he turned 60 in April), Jackie has said that Chinese Zodiac will be his ‘last big action movie’ in which he will perform his own stunts. He’s already started to phase them out by using CGI.

To emphasise finality, following the customary outtakes in the end credits there’s a career retrospective by way of clips of Jackie’s biggest moments on-screen.

Jackie Chan is in a class of his own and, as Chinese Zodiac proves, he remains as inventive and entertaining as ever.

It will be interesting to follow the next stage of his career.

Chinese Zodiac is now available on DVD.