Costner film is part action thriller, part sappy drama

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Kevin Costner’s Three Days to Kill is a jumbled mess. Part action thriller, part sappy drama with forced and misguided attempts at humour, this is a shoddy effort from director McG and writer Luc Besson.

Government assassin Ethan Renner (Costner) is diagnosed with terminal brain and lung cancer and given three months to live. While in Paris to reconcile with his estranged wife and daughter, CIA assassin Vivi (Amber Heard) offers him a life extending experimental drug in exchange for killing two international arms traffickers. He accepts the job, while trying to mend his relationship with his moody teenage daughter. Wackiness ensues.

I’m not sure where to begin criticising this film. For a start, there’s too much going on and the film tries to juggle everything, unsuccessfully. Advertised as a hard hitting action thriller, the action is slick but infrequent and buried in awkward dialogue and a muddled, confusing plot. With Amber Heard’s miraculous cancer cure, you can add ‘far fetched’ to my list of criticisms.

Three Days to Kill is intolerable melodramatic tripe. Predictable, unfunny and advancing at a glaciers pace, its two hour runtime is inhumane. I don’t recommend it, even if you have two hours to kill.