Engrossing film which should have been longer


Released to coincide with the recent anniversary, Parkland depicts the three day aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination and is a fascinating retelling of that somber day in November 1963.

The focus is on a select number of civilians who each had a part to play in the aftermath - all normal people, forever linked through history. Among those is Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder, who famously filmed the key moments of the assassination. Parkland is shot in a documentary style meshed with audio and visual recordings from across those fours days, including the actual Zapruder film.

As someone who has devoured tons of information regarding the assasination over the years, I was impressed with the extent of historical accuracy.

Of particular note is actor Jeremy Strong who is the mirror image of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Watching him is like watching Oswald play himself.

At just 94 minutes, although engrossing, I felt Parkland was too short. Much more of this story could have been told, which I would have watched with unwavering interest.

50 years on and the details surrounding the Kennedy Assasination continue to spur debate.