Gone Girl is a complex mystery that peaks too soon

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David Fincher’s Gone Girl is difficult to discuss at length without giving the whole thing away.

It’s much more complicated than a simple mystery thriller, examining personal relationships and the role the media plays in high profile crime cases.

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. Affleck arrives home that evening to find Pike missing and there are signs of a struggle.

Neighbours come forward to allege the pair were having marital issues and Affleck soon finds himself on trial by media. Several clues in the form of riddles materialise, leading from one location to another and offering hope of finding Pike alive.

Gone Girl is a gripping mystery that demands your full attention, but when the mystery is solved the rest isn’t quite as engrossing. The investigation into Pike’s vanishing is fascinating to follow, but is over sooner than you’d think.

Furthermore, when all is revealed the details behind her disappearance are too elaborate to be believed. The media reporters are represented as one dimensional caricatures and despite being the brunt of innuendo suggesting foul play, Affleck is passive throughout.

Gone Girl is an unfortunate let-down, especially since it starts off so strongly.