Homefront influenced by Breaking Bad series

Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc
Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc
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With a screenplay penned by Sylvester Stallone, Homefront is an enjoyable Jason Statham lead action vehicle.

After his son is killed by the DEA during an undercover bust, the leader of the Outcast Motorcycle gang swears revenge on Statham, a former DEA agent, which prompts him to move to a rural town. At her new school, his daughter beats up a young bully, causing an angry response from the bully’s parents. This small understanding spirals out of control when the bully’s mother, a crystal meth addict, asks her meth cooking brother Gator (James Franco) to harass Statham. Gator has connections to the Outcast gang and in exchange for nationwide distribution, he offers them Statham’s identity.

With its use of crystal meth, meth labs and the DEA, I could sense a definite Breaking Bad influence. James Franco does a good job playing against type as the sleazy redneck Gator and Izabela Vidovic, a talented young actress making her film debut, impresses as Statham’s daughter.

I like Statham. Even in sub-par outings (see last year’s ‘Parker’), Statham has enough likabilty and charisma to carry him through any film. He’s no thespian, but he’s effective at what he does.