Macklemore a unique artist

‘THE Heist’ is the hit debut album by rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis, ‘The Heist’ has achieved major success worldwide reaching number one on the album charts in countries such as Germany and America.

The duo were largely unheard of in the UK until the release of ‘Thrift Shop’ which is their most successful single from the album.

While ‘Thrift Shop’ is the star of the album, the song ‘Can’t Hold Us’ featuring Ray Dalton proves that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are not one hit wonders, with ‘Can’t Hold Us’ rapidly rising up the charts as I write this.

I would personally encourage anyone to buy this album, with songs like ‘Thrift Shop’ and ‘Can’t Hold us’ the album just reeks of success and more importantly, swag.

Macklemore is a unique artist, he and Ryan Lewis now have a reputation for being creative and original with their image, music and videos.

I know ‘Thrift Shop’ inspired me, as I felt the need to ask my grandad for one of his sweaters so that I could wear it with style and feel incredible just like Macklemore told us in ‘Thrift Shop’.

Rating: 9/10

By Jake Williamson