Movie man picks his top five films of the past year

Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc
Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc

Twenty Fourteen is here and with the dawn of another year, I’ve been looking back to what I feel were the five best feature films of 2013.

If you missed them first time round, consider these for future viewing.

5 - Parkland was a compelling and fresh look at the Kennedy Assassination, told from the perspective of those connected to the aftermath.

4 - Captain Phillips was the best thriller of the year, featuring one of the finest performances of Tom Hanks’ career.

3 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was one of those rare examples of a sequel surpassing its predecessor.

The third film will have a difficult task in repeating this trend.

2 - Evil Dead remains, as I said at the time, the best horror film of the last decade.

Great reboots are few and far between but, as Evil Dead demonstrated, they do exist.

1 - Behind The Candelabra, one of the best biopics I’ve ever seen, featured a pitch perfect performance from Michael Douglas as Liberace and was an absorbing depiction of seventies excess.

An outstanding film and my choice for the film of 2013.

I wish all Lurgan Mail readers a happy new year. See you at the movies.