‘Parker’ is one to avoid

Jason Statham is a believable tough guy in most of his films and ‘Parker’ is no exception. Unfortunately, he’s really the only thing the film has going for it.

When Parker (Statham) accompanies his girlfriend Claire to her fathers barbecue, her father - a former thief - sets him up with a gang that need another person to assist with a robbery. Parker accepts and he and the gang commit the robbery at the Ohio state fair, leaving with $1 million.

The gang need the whole amount to commit a further heist at a jewellery auction in Florida and when Parker declines to give up his share, he’s shot and left for dead. Parker quickly recovers and tracks the gang down to Florida, where they are hiding out and planning the heist.

Co-starring are Jennifer Lopez as a real estate agent, The Shield’s Michael Chiklis as the gang’s leader and Nick Nolte as Claire’s father. What struck me while watching Nolte is how he looks even older than a 72 year old man should; no doubt a by-product of his years of hard living. In a desperate financial situation, Lopez’ character agrees to help Parker with her familiarity of the location, provided she gets compensated. Her character gets far too much attention so late into the film, which diverts the plot.

The main problem with ‘Parker’ is its inability to maintain interest. For an action film, the action is too infrequent and for a revenge film, it is incredibly boring. By the last half hour of the film, my interest had been sapped and I found myself just waiting for it to end. If they had kept ‘Parker’ as standard revenge fare, it would have at least been moderately entertaining.

Instead, ‘Parker’ fails to deliver and is one to avoid.

By Kelan Headley