See No Evil 2 may be bad but at least it’s honest

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The latest release from WWE Films is a sequel to their 2006 slasher See No Evil.

In that film, Glen ‘Kane’ Jacobs terrorised a group of teens in an abandoned hotel.

This time, the action takes place in the morgue his body is transferred to after his rampage.

Roger Ebert named these films dead teenager movies for good reason.

A ghoul stalks a group of people, generally young ones of dubious acting ability, who are there to be killed off in increasingly creative and grotesque ways.

You can change the scenery, but its essentially the same film.

Why they insist on making them all either so idiotic or unsympathetic that you’re cheering on the homicidal maniac, is beyond me.

There are plenty of unintentional laughs throughout See No Evil 2, the acting and dialogue are atrocious.

Kane’s acting is particularly awful, but standing at 7 feet tall he looks formidable and does as well as he can considering his character and the material.

I chuckled when one of the supporting cast ran from Kane screaming, “This is so bad!”.

It may be bad, but at least it’s honest.

See No Evil 2 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.