Singer/songwriter has a voice to be reckoned with

HAVING a great voice is one thing, but knowing what to do with it is another.

Thankfully the Aghagallon singer/songwriter is as lyrically astute as he is vocally talented.

His debut solo album ‘Not Nearly Dark’ could go toe to toe with any of the Brit nominees, but I suspect the young man isn’t in it for the fortune and glory.

Ciaran has somehow managed to present an album that is both stripped down and multilayered. At first listen Ciaran’s voice is the dominant force, but subsequent listens reveal a depth to these songs with subtle undertones of french horn, tuba and wurlitzer.

This is an album very much from the deepest reaches of his soul, as Ciaran demonstrates lyrical prowess above his years as he details the accidents of fate that have turned him into this Tom Waits/Elliott Smith hybrid.

By the end of the experience it’s hard to say whether the young man has broken your heart or captured it. There’s no question he’s definitely touched it.

Ciaran and his backing band launch the album with a gig in the Black Box on Sunday, March 3. Support comes from Rachel Austin and The Jepettos.