Spectacular sci-fi epic from Batman director

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Interstellar is a spectacular sci-fi epic from director Christopher Nolan.

In the near future, the earth becomes barren causing humanity to experience a global drought. An Astronaut turned farmer, played by Matthew McConaughey, is sent on a NASA expedition through a wormhole to explore a planet intended for colonisation.

Nolan worked with physicist Kip Thorne to ensure as much scientific accuracy as possible. Due to its technical proficiency Interstellar has been compared to Gravity, but there hasn’t been a film quite like it since Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Similar to 2001, its marvelous technicality is supported by cerebral subject matter and abstract themes.

The strongest aspects of Interstellar are its breathtaking visuals. The cinematography is spellbinding and the imagery will leave you in awe. There’s a clash when Nolan weaves the subjectivity of humanity and sentimentality into the objective material. Elements of the human story felt contrived while the third act relies on convention and is seemingly ambiguous for the sake of appearing intellectual. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing endeavour overall and at its best, is exceptional.

A stunning cinematic achievement, Interstellar is a flawed masterpiece but is also the film of the year.