Taking it to the next level

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‘TAPE Deck Heart’ is acoustic singer Frank Turner’s fifth studio album,with his previous album ‘England Keep My Bones’ being successful enough to include him as part of the Olympic opening ceremony line-up which included some of music’s biggest names.

I had never heard of Frank Turner’s work before ‘Tape Deck Heart’ and after listening to the album, I believe sooner rather than later, Turners reputation will start to build.

It was suprising to hear that Turner was originally a punk artist until he switched to a more acoustic sound,which is better as it shows of his originality more than the punk scene did. The album is very personal and the songs are mainly about his personal troubles with love, however the songs aren’t depressing and pitiful, Turner’s band are incorporated well and gives a more upbeat feel, ‘Recovery’ gives the feeling that he will move on and be happy after his breakup. If you like Ed Sheeran and Passenger you will probably enjoy Frank Turner’s music. Songs like ‘Four Simple Words’ are more upbeat, and would be great at concert, so this variation of style keeps the album fresh and original.

Overall, a good album that has made me take notice of Frank Turner.


By Jake Williamson