Terrible film from a great director and great cast

I never thought I would describe a Martin Scorsese film as terrible, but The Wolf of Wall Street, his fifth collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio, is just that.

A young married stockbroker on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort’s outlook changes after a meeting with his boss, Mark Hanna.

Hanna encourages him to partake in excessive sex and cocaine use to succeed as a stockbroker - advice Belfort soon follows.

When the market collapses Belfort goes it alone; he forms a brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont Inc, and enlists his crooked friends, then scores of others, to swindle the public.

The film is self referential, with DiCaprio often breaking the fourth wall to gleefully tell us about his exploits.

It doesn’t really deal with the pitfalls of the financial world and is instead mostly a farcical drug comedy which celebrates excess. Across three hours, this was increasingly monotonous.

For the ten minutes he’s on screen, the charismatic Mark Hanna, played by Matthew McConaughey, is the most interesting character in the film. What a shame there was nothing else to enjoy.

The Wolf of Wall Street should serve as a reminder that a great director and cast will not always result in a great film.