The World’s End doesn’t live up to expectations

Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc
Kelan Headley. INLM32-112gc

The long awaited finale in the ‘three flavours cornetto’ trilogy, The World’s End reunites Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright.

In 1990, Gary King (Pegg) and four friends attempted a pub crawl which was to end at a bar called ‘The World’s End’. They never finished it.

Over 20 years later, Gary brings his friends together to complete the pub crawl. Apart from Gary, who has remained the same, they’ve all moved on. People in town are different from how they remember, but they can’t quite figure out why.

Thus far, when Frost and Pegg worked on projects without Wright, such as ‘Paul’, it produced unimpressive results. With the great Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, they hadn’t disappointed. The World’s End is unfortunately that.

Other than three good fight scenes, occasionally good dialogue and a great score, I don’t feel there’s enough to recommend.

There are no laugh out loud moments, the main actors are all playing either up tight or (in Pegg’s case) fun loving cliches and most of the film just feels forced - forced humour, a forced conclusion and even Brit-Pop tracks (used to take you back to the early 90’s) were overstressed.

The World’s End is a flat end to a great collaboration.