Veronica Mars may have won over new fan

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After a limited cinema run in March, Veronica Mars - the movie sequel to the show about a teenage private eye - was released on DVD last week.

Set nine years after the series, Veronica Mars returns to Neptune, California to help in a murder investigation.

An ex-boyfriend had been dating a former classmate, who became a pop star. When she’s found electrocuted in her bath, suspicion falls on him and leads Veronica on a trail to events from years ago.

The big story of the Veronica Mars film is how it came to be.

Despite being cancelled after three seasons in 2007, it retained a devoted following and last year, fans of the show raised over $5 million dollars on Kickstarter to get a feature made.

As you would expect, the film is very much for the fans. We’re updated on the progress of various supporting characters from the show.

Having never watched it, I had no idea who they were, but I didn’t feel left in the dark by their presence.

Well plotted, and smartly written with snappy dialogue, it’s an engaging mesh of teen drama meets contemporary film noir.

Veronica Mars may just have a new fan.