Clodagh dances her way to the All Ireland title

Twelve-year-old Clodagh Bawn has danced her way to a top All Ireland award.

The Craigavon girl, along with 39 of her classmates, from FADDstudios attended the “Dancer Of The Year” competition which was held in Dublin last week.

Her mum Fiona Bawn-Thompson said: “The standard of dance at this competition was among the highest quality I have seen with over 400 dancers competing on the day,

“It was intense, but each dancer performed so well. Clodagh’s achievement was really overwhelming and I am so proud of her, as are her classmates.”

Clodagh, who is a pupil at Lismore Comprehensive, danced in her own age category to get through to the final six where each dancer had to perform a minute long solo by themselves to three judges and around 700 

She got placed first in her category, an amazing achievement among so many talented peers. At the end of all the results each first place dancer had to compete again for the chance to win an overall award.

Clodagh won the title of Overall Junior Champion Dancer of The Year.

Her Crew Picasso also won first place in the Championship section, and Clodagh, and her partner Thea Liggett were awarded second place in the open pairs.

Picasso is a lively crew and made up of Lile Lavery, Craigavon, Andrew Fisher, Donaghcloney, Thea Liggett, Portadown, Rachel Forsythe, Portadown and Clodagh Bawn, Craigavon

The recent award adds to a list of achievements this year for Clodagh.

She was selected for an RTE dance show “Live, Love, Dance” which was aired earlier this year, along with another RTE show “The Real Deal” which she was a part of with three of her teammates from Picasso.

Along with winning the All Ireland TV talent show “The Real Deal”, the crew also won a prize of £250 worth of vouchers at “The Tall Ships” talent show, which they had to audition for.

She was also a part of Microlip’s new music video to celebrate the opening of The People’s Park in Portadown in May.

Clodagh, along with her teammates from Picasso will be filming again in Dublin on 10th December for a TV show in the new year.