‘Craigavon: Back to the Future’ exhibition’

CDC staff inspect a plan for Craigavon.
CDC staff inspect a plan for Craigavon.

Delve into the unique history of Craigavon and get a glimpse of the area through the ages with the Museum Services ‘Craigavon: Back to the Future’ exhibition’.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Craigavon Development Commission (CDC), the exhibition will be showcased at the High Street Mall, Portadown, until Thursday, September 29.

The display will explore the work of the CDC, who, inspired by the examples of other new towns in England and Scotland, planned to bring the towns of Lurgan and Portadown together into a single city of 100,000 people between 1966 - 1981. In addition, there will be artefacts, documents and plans from the CDC, the vast majority of which has remained largely unseen by the general public until now. Of special interest are photographs from the CDC photographic archive which detail each stage of the construction of Craigavon. Images of Portadown in the 1960s and 1970s will be included in the display, which are sure to rekindle memories for many local people.

Alongside the historical information, there is also a 1960s inspired living room installation. Visitors are actively encouraged to sit in the room, dress up in the clothes from the era!

The exhibition will be open from 11am-5pm, Monday to Saturday, and runs until the 29th September.

For further information contact Craigavon Museum services on (028) 3831 1669