Fusion Fest is back and bigger

Kyla Canning, Louise Fahey, Linda May and Fiona Bawn-Thompon launch Fusion Fest.
Kyla Canning, Louise Fahey, Linda May and Fiona Bawn-Thompon launch Fusion Fest.

For the second year running three dance schools are combining forces to produce a variety show demonstrating the array of local young talent.

Organised by dance gurus Louise Fahey, Fiona Bawn-Thompson and Linda May this year the show boasts even more stars and an extra performance.

Louise from Little Starz said: “It’s going to be even bigger this year. We’ll have more kids involved as well as local performers from outside the three schools.

“We’re putting on an extra night and there’s a strong charity element as well.”

Linda who runs Kaboom said: “We’re asking kids to donate a toy which we’ll wrap and put under the tree for use in the performance. After the show the presents will be donated to Gift Aid.”

Of the co-operation between the three schools, Fiona Bawn-Thompson of FADD studios said: “With any organisation people tend to stick to their own thing. It’s good to give them the opportunity to do something new. The kids love the fact they’re getting free workshops with new teachers.

“We never lose any students, but we do have students who sign up for more than one organistions. There’s some kids who are members of all three dance schools.”

As well as showcasing each of the dance schools the variety show will feature five combined acts and individual performances from Louise, Linda and Fiona.

Last year Louise had to sit out one of the performances after a fall in rehearsals, but she’s raring to go this time round for her solo routine.

Louise’s absence from last year’s show caused Fiona to seek a last minute partner for her Irish dancing routine. In stepped her daughter and their performance was one of the biggest talking points of the show.

Louise has been running Little Starz for three years with two branches in Lurgan and Keady.

Fiona’s Academy of Dance and Drama have been going strong for five years. She runs classes throughout the borough, and a joint session for all her students every Saturday in the Hub.

Linda, despite being the youngest of the group, has the most teaching experience. She’d been taking dance lessons for the last 12 years. Her dance company, Kaboom, are based at Columbia Gym.