Pablo publishes poems of love and living in Lurgan

Pablo Doherty, whose book 'Shouting at the Sea' was published on Amazon last week.
Pablo Doherty, whose book 'Shouting at the Sea' was published on Amazon last week.

Pablo Doherty was born on the North Coast, lived in Belfast, settled in Aghagallon - and has just published his first poetry book.

Having grown up all over Northern Ireland, Pablo had a wealth of places and experiences to draw inspiration from, though it wasn’t until last year that he took pen to paper.

“I started writing in February 2014 and it was just one of those things,” Pablo explains.
“It was around the time of the floods in England and they showed an elderly couple on the news standing in the water outside their home, with letters they had written just floating away. It was an emotional image and after seeing that, I wrote a poem about it.”

Pablo, a social worker in Brownlow, began sharing his poems on social media before setting up a Facebook page.

“I was getting quite a good response,” said Pablo, “and then I started writing personalised poems for people on request.”

Far from intending to profit from his new found love, Pablo wrote more and more poems simply because he enjoyed writing them. When his wife made him a photo book at Christmas, he realised he had enough poems to publish:

“I started putting them together and my wife designed the book cover. The photo came about when we were walking on a beach in Donegal and a storm came. My son curled up on the sand - like a shell - and, while the rest of us were rushing back towards the car, he said, “No, Dad. I’m safe here.””

Pablo was inspired by his son’s actions:

“I was struck by this childlike response - not to run away but to live in the moment.

“I sent the poems off to a couple of publishers but then I heard about self-publishing on Amazon, and decided to release the book that way. It was published on May 1st and has already sold well!”
His book has received a great response across the country, as Pablo’s poems cover a range of topics - from life in Lurgan to the North West - even growing a beard!

‘Shouting At The Sea: Shells’ is available to purchase online at