Roll up, roll up for Tom Duffy’s Circus on the Lough Road

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Tom Duffy’s Circus is coming to town with a brand new show at Lurgan’s Lough Road site from Monday to Thursday, April 20-23.

Duffy’s is one of the world’s longest-established circuses, amazing family audiences across Northern Ireland over three centuries.

The new show blends the traditional and the 21st century, with acts brought right up-to-the-minute with a spectacular light show, state-of-the-art sound and expert choreography.

Lovers of traditional circus acts will roar with laughter at the antics of the clowns, David and Raffy, while Tom Jnr and Jamie Duffy take to the air with a heart-stopping wheel of death – one of the most dangerous acts in modern circus.

Thrill-seekers will be delighted with this year’s trapeze show. The Flying Paraizo are making their first visit to Northern Ireland, all the way from Brazil and Hungary, and these fearless flyers will attempt not only the legendary triple somersault but also the daring double passage – two flyers in the air at the same time.

As always, animal acts are a big draw for regular visitors. Loveable giants, the St Bernard dogs, tend to dominate the ring, but it’s the cheeky miniature poodles that raise a smile with their mischief.

A favourite with every generation, Tom Duffy’s troupe of horses and ponies make a welcome return to the ring with a sparkling display of jumping and hind-leg walking.

Tickets are £1-£2 cheaper when bought online at and can be bought from the box office.