Stage Aid’s 30th anniversary features new play

Some of the Stage Aid cast
Some of the Stage Aid cast

Local drama group Stage Aid has paid tribute to one of their original members Oliver Moore who was seriously injured in a car crash recently.

The well-known and popular actor remains in Craigavon’s Intensive Care Unit with multiple injuries following the crash in Portadown.

However Stage Aid Music and Drama Society stalwart Ann O’Neill, who has known Oliver for decades, said he is making a good recovery.

“We are all thinking of Oliver at this time. Oliver is doing well despite his injuries. We wish him a speedy recovery,” said Ann who added that Oliver had started his career with the Society.

The drama group is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special two-act play ‘Holiday Season’ by Gilford playwright Armand Gaillard with all funds raised going to the ‘Hunger in Africa’ appeal.

Holiday Season starts when George suggests to Hanna that they should take a short holiday, he is blissfully unaware of the chain of events he is about to set in motion. Somewhere local would please him but Hanna has other ideas - especially as she knows of her boastful neighbour Elsie’s regular foreign cruises.

Holiday Season will be held at Gilford Community Club on May 5 and 7 at 8pm. Tickets £8.

Ann O’Neill said the appeal is in as much need of support as other appeals have been before.

Since it was established, the society has donated in excess of £60k to Third World and local charities.

“The donation of this amount has been possible because of enthusiastic cast members, front of house and behind the scenes volunteers who give their time and talent freely.

“Much of the materials used for costumes and scenery is donated and provided at generous discount.

“We owe our heartfelt thanks to all who continue to help us in this way,” said Ann. “And we also thank our faithful audiences for their continuing support which is so much appreciated.”