Anouska impresses judges and is named Ms Crown and Glory UK

Lurgan beauty Anouska Black is celebrating after she was officially named Ms Crown and Glory UK

Tuesday, 28th August 2018, 1:21 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm
Anouska Black (left) has been crowned Ms Crown and Glory UK.

Hardworking Anouska (28) has said she is thrilled after picking up the title at the UK final on Saturday in Wrexham.

Ms Black campaigns to raise awareness of Endometriosis, a condition which leads to chronic pain and discomfort.

The debilitating condition is where the tissue that lines the womb is found in other parts of the body, such as in the ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

Magheralin beauty Anouska Black with her son Bailey. Anouska has been named Miss Crown and Glory Ireland.

She is proving an inspiration to Endometriosis sufferers everywhere, not allowing the painful condition to hold her back and on Saturday evening all her hard work was rewarded as she was crowned Ms Crown and Glory UK.

Speaking after the ceremony, Anouska was still coming to terms with her success, she said: “It has been a complete blur to be honest, my phone has been going non-stop and it really hasn’t sunk in yet.

“It was just so surreal, I couldn’t stop crying but I didn’t want to ruin my make up as I knew there was going to be pictures taken.

“There’s nothing like it, there’s no feeling in the world that compares to it. It was just amazing.

“Apparently when they announced I had won it, my face was an absolute picture. My jaw hit the floor, I felt my legs were about to go and I was about to faint.”

Crown & Glory National Beauty Pageant has been set up to provide a fun, friendly experience which encourages working within the community.

Anouska decided last year to apply for Miss Crown and Glory Ireland and after a rigorous auditioning process, she won the title which lead her to Saturday’s final and overall victory.

She added: “It definitely feels like a reward for the hard work. It proves that hard work and determination pays off. There’s been lots of days that I haven’t wanted to get out of bed, but once you have committed yourself, you have to do the best for the Ms Ireland title and I felt I needed to do it justice.”

Anouska is the first Crown and Glory UK winner to come from Ireland and she hopes that this new title will also help raise further awareness of endometriosis.

She said: “I’ll be trying to get as much publicity out there for not only me and the pageant but for Endo.

“After the article in the Lurgan Mail, a girl got in contact to speak to me about Endometriosis and asked for advice on it.

“I’ve had a chat and told her who to speak to as regards doctors and consultants.

“This could be a potential life changer, it could address pain relief, maybe relieve anxiety or any worries.”