Do you want gate at Portadown Rd subway?

The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan
The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan

Proposals for a gate at a notorious subway which is a magnet for teenage drunks and anti-social behaviour is up for consultation.

Police are regular visitors at the Portadown Rd underpass which can attract more than 100 louts taking drugs and drinking to excess.

Spearheaded by St Francis Primary School principal Anthony McMorrow said he was delighted plans are moving forward.

“We regard this as a necessity in terms of the health and safety of our pupils. For years we have witnessed the aftermath of anti-social behaviour when broken glass (and various other ‘unmentionables’) has been strewn across the path and in the undergrowth. We have also always been acutely aware of how unsightly the back path into our school has been while at the same time having no control over or ability to improve it. This is now a great relief to us and gating the path will make it safer, cleaner and a much more pleasant track for all whether passing by or coming directly to school.

Sinn Féin Councillor Liam Mackle is encouraging residents to respond to gating proposal at Portadown Road underpass.

“I would strongly encourage those with a view on the matter to take part in the process to ensure we have a positive outcome for local residents who have suffered as a result of persistent ASB.

“I want to thank council officers for helping drive this process forward and the PSNI who have responded to council on this issue - not to mention their long term efforts in tackling ASB in this area.

He concluded: “Hopefully we are closer to a positive resolution for residents.

“I will also be calling on the EA to ensure proper detached youth provision is being provided and effectively delivered to young people in this area.”