PSNI blame attack on local football club on ‘thuggish, selfish louts’

Damage to the clubhouse at AFC Craigavon
Damage to the clubhouse at AFC Craigavon

Serious damage was caused to a Co Armagh soccer club with burglars also stealing equipment.

Burglars targetted AFC Craigavon in the early hours of Tuesday morning stealing or damaging well over £1,000 worth of equipment.

Damage to the stand at AFC Craigavon

Damage to the stand at AFC Craigavon

A PSNI spokesperson said: “It is shameful that a local club is targetted in such a way as this.”

The incident happened at around 6pm on Monday night and 9.30am on Tuesday morning.

Police said: “If anyone knows who is responsible for this attack, get in touch. If you can’t speak to us directly, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. The reference number is 322 of 07/05/19.

“To those responsible for this: you’ve attacked your own community. You’ve attacked your own club. The very place set up to support and unite a community, victim of thuggish, selfish louts.”

A spokesperson for the Club said: “[It’s] unbelievable young ones these days can leave nothing alone, the money it cost to run things is hard enough never mind now having to tidy this mess up, somebody knows who’s doing this, all we’re asking is for it to stop.”

SDLP Cllr Thomas Larkham said he was ‘absolutely sickened’ to hear about a break in at AFC grounds in Craigavon.

“I have been speaking to members of the club and committee and there has been quite a lot of damage caused to the changing rooms and spectators stand.

“Both players and members work tirelessly to keep the club operational.

“I am appealing to anyone with any information to pass it to the PSNI or contact the club directly.

“I will be speaking with the PSNI about this incident.”