PSNI warn kids after fireworks cause two fires

Back of shops in Taghnevan Lurgan  Photo by Google
Back of shops in Taghnevan Lurgan Photo by Google

Firework horror hit a Co Armagh town last night as children start a number of fires with fireworks.

Police said their colleagues in the NI Fire and Rescue Service had to deal with two fires after incidents last night in Lurgan.

There have been a number of serious incidents over recent weeks including fireworks being thrown at other children as they headed to a youth club in Craigavon.

Writing on Facebook the PSNI Craigavon, speaking to the culprit’s parents, said last night: “It’s Taghnevan’s turn tonight, round the back of the shops.

“This time your little darlings have started two fires with the fireworks that they’ve been throwing round.

“That’s meant our NIFRS south colleagues turning out. Don’t get us wrong, great to see the guys and all, but while they’re dealing with YOUR kids disruption and destruction, that leaves no close cover for an actual house fire, or a serious RTC someone needs to be cut from, or a gas leak, or any number of important things they deal with on a daily basis.

“That’s not to mention the torment neighbours are going through.

“You may not care about what your children do when they’re out of sight, but at least consider how dangerous fireworks are.

“If you want your child back in one piece, with all digits attached, go get them. Now.

“If you care about your emergency services and the vital work we are all here to do, and keeping us free from the stuff YOU should be dealing with in order to deal with the emergency stuff, go and get them. Now.”