PSNI warn of ‘sexting’ after child sent graphic images

Police carried out searches in Mid Ulster
Police carried out searches in Mid Ulster

The PSNI have issued a warning over ‘sexting’ after a little girl was sent graphic images by a stranger.

PSNI Craigavon said they have dealt with a number of ‘sexting’ incidents recently ‘including one where a girl (who was too young to be on this particular app) was sent several graphic images by a stranger’.

In a statement on their Facebook page, they said: “The message is simple- YOU need to be aware of what your child is doing online, and THEY need to be aware of the dangers.

“Take time with them to talk about the risks of strangers, sharing stuff in a potentially public setting that they wouldn’t do in private to someone they know.

“The line I always use with kids when explaining this in a school setting is simple: If you wouldn’t show your granny, don’t show a stranger.

“Be aware that ANY app with ANY sort of chat function can be used by predators to contact your child, either groom them, or just send perverse material to them.

“We could go through lists of the most commonly used apps for stuff like this, but the reality of 2018 is that new apps appear on an almost weekly basis. What is used now could be old news by the end of the summer.

“PLEASE, remember that stranger danger doesn’t occur just beyond the door these days, and take time tonight to have that chat with your kids.”