CS spray used during underpass incident

Police used CS spray in Lurgan last night (Friday, April 22) as they dealt with a gang of youths allegedly throwing stones and bottles at passing vehicles.

Saturday, 23rd April 2016, 10:23 am
Updated Saturday, 23rd April 2016, 11:39 am

According to police they had come under attack from a group of around 20 ‘very drunk and mainly underage’ youths close to an underpass on the town’s Portadown Road.

They said two males were arrested following the incident.

In a social media post police said: “Last night we had reports, again, of youths drinking and smashing bottles in the underpass, upsetting local elderly residents on Portadown Road, Lurgan.

“We had further reports that stones and bottles were being thrown at passing cars. As we responded, a crowd of around 20 very drunk and mainly underage kids took exception to our being there, throwing bottles at us and at one stage lifting a large pipe to threaten us with.

“We do not and will not stand for that.”

They went on: “As a result, two males were arrested. CS spray was used, and there will probably be some who still have stingy eyes this morning.

“If you are one of the ones who chose not to walk away, but hurl bottles and abuse, or try to intervene in and obstruct the arrests, please - call up to the station and we’ll talk more about it... after caution.

“Equally, if you were one of the wannabe paparazzi who ran about with phones yelling, ‘You can’t lift him like, he’s not 18 yet!’ ... first off, if you’re big enough to throw stuff at cars and police, or big enough to get drunk and be disorderly in a residential area, then you’re big enough to face the consequences. A lot of people were very quick to point our their rights, with zero regard for their responsibilities.

“Secondly, those videos would really help identify the almost dozen others who obstructed us and who were disorderly. Tag us when you post them online please!

“To the residents, and families of those who were disturbed last night, we can only apologise. Logic and reason don’t always work when drink is involved, and it was loud for a while until we got things under control.

“Finally to the parents- know where your kids are. If a car had swerved to avoid something that was thrown, it could have been far far worse. We’re not talking about ‘just a few bored kids’ here, we’re talking about lives.”