Drink driving arrest after a car hits house

Police have made an arrest for drink driving after a car hit a house in the town.

Sunday, 10th April 2016, 12:17 pm
Updated Sunday, 10th April 2016, 12:22 pm

It is understood the driver had first hit a kerb causing a tyre to blow-out and then hit the wall of a house.

In a post on social media police said the arrest was made before anyone was injured and there was only ‘scrape’ damage to the house.

The police also posted a photo of the damaged vehcile (above) and said: “Some valuable learning points from this photo:

“1) If you hit a kerb, causing your tyre to blow, pull in straight away. Don’t try to drive on.

“2) If you do the same whilst drunk, you have only yourself to blame and should expect to face the consequences. Don’t then try to run off once you end up crashing into the wall of a house.

“3) If you do all of the above and cause us to ditch our coffee to run after you, don’t expect to get away. It just means you’ll go to the cells tired.

“Yes folks, unfortunately another drink driver who will have to learn the hard way. When he gets his license back, his insurance will gave gone through the roof, not to mention the cost of getting that wheel fixed.

“Thankfully, we got him before anyone was injured, or worse. Also thankfully the damage to the house was only scrapes. He also had two passengers in the car, who really didn’t seem to care. He was arrested for drink driving, as well as offences linked to leaving the scene of an accident (or trying to!)

“DO NOT get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

“DO NOT get into a car with a drunk driver. It’s not just yourself at risk, it’s everyone else on the road.

“When will people learn?!

“Finally, it is worth noting that this arrest was made due to several calls from YOU, the lovely members of the public. Sometimes on here, the mindless few tell us that people shouldn’t “inform”, and that we should do our job without involving others (presumably with crystal balls or something?!) Well, we call it looking out for your community, and those who stepped up yesterday potentially saved lives. Good job, and keep it up!”