Drugs and 'firearm' seized from 'dubious looking' man

Image of drugs haul - PSNI Craigavon
Image of drugs haul - PSNI Craigavon

Police seized a quantity of suspected drugs and an imitation firearm over the weekend.

A post on PSNI Craigavon said the man searched "may as well have been wearing a t-shirt saying "Please don't search me or you'll find bad things, m'kay?"

It adds: "This is over 100 suspected class C tablets, and an imitation firearm, which the male was arrested for.

"This isn't a good combo, but not a surprising one.

"Dealers intimidate and bully their way to their criminal positions, so these finds are unfortunately not as uncommon as you'd hope."

The post adds: "Another great catch from Lurgan Neighbourhood team. Keep the info on drug dealing coming, and combined with good catches like this, it'll make it increasingly hard for dealers to operate.