Upset as double yellow lines painted in residential area

Sinn Fein Councillor, Keith Haughian pictured at the recently painted double yellow lines on Shankill Street. INLM05-213.
Sinn Fein Councillor, Keith Haughian pictured at the recently painted double yellow lines on Shankill Street. INLM05-213.

Disabled and elderly residents of Shankill in Lurgan have slammed double yellow lines painted outside their homes.

Residents said the double yellow lines were painted on Shankill Street last Thursday leading to upset as some people were unable to park outside their own homes.

One pensioner said it has caused serious hardship to many residents and a group have called for the double yellow lines to be removed.

“They painted these lines without consulting the local residents,” said the grandmother, who said she now finds it virtually impossible to find a space to park outside her home.

She explained that in the past there had been quite a few workers who used the Shankill estate as a parking area but with these added lines, the situation has become much worse.

“I had to call the police the other day. I asked one man to move his car a short distance as I was unable to get into my house. He used abusive language and was extremely rude.

“I spoke to a policewoman about it and she was very understanding. She gave me a number to call the traffic warden but they were closed. This is unacceptable,” she said.

“I mind my grandchildren five days a week and my daughter finds it almost impossible now to find a spot close to the house to drop off the children,” she said.

“It’s mad and maddening. It is making me very angry.

“It’s very frustrating that you can’t get parked outside your own home,” she said.

Another resident said he has had to park as far away as Beech Court because of the new traffic restrictions and the influx of workers parking in Shankill.

“I live beside elderly and disabled people who have been forced to park a significant distance from their homes. This is terrible.

“People should have access to their own home,” he added.

Residents believe that there should be parking for residents only at this location rather than a blanket ban on parking.

“We think that the elderly and those with mobility issues should be allowed to park outside their own homes and are calling on the authorities to remove the double yellow lines,” said one grandparent.

Sinn Féin Cllr, Keith Haughian, called on road service to ensure residents are fully informed and consulted on line markings near homes.

Cllr Haughian said: “Residents in Shankill Street have expressed concerns to both myself and Cllr Liam Mackle that new lines have been painted with no apparent consultation.

“This is a street with a number of elderly and disabled residents who rely heavily on having easy access to their homes.

“New line marking, whilst no doubt in keeping with roads policy, has meant these residents are struggling to park outside their homes.”

“Both Cllr Mackle and myself have contacted road service and urged them to go back into the area and speak to residents to ensure everyone can have adequate access to their residence.”

A Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said: “The double yellow lines on Shankill St Lurgan are standard 15m corner restrictions which, as they do not need legislation, there was no obligation to consult.

“These were provided in response to concerns, raised by local elected representatives, where parking on the street was causing issues of access and safety.

“Highway code rule 240 advises that you must not park within 15m of a junction.”