Les Binks back in recording studio

Former Portadown resident and drummer Les Binks, who starred behind the kit for a time in the late 70s in legendary Heavy Metal band Judas Priest, is set to make a recording comeback.

He will be helping to record a cover of the Priest classic Beyond The Realms Of Death.

The song he co-wrote with vocalist Rob Halford is being covered by the band Devilstar, which features current Meat Loaf, and former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook, and a host of other musicians, and that song in particular has been chosen to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the album Stained Class on which it appeared.

Also performing on the song are other former Judas Priest members guitarist KK Downing, who also appeared on the original version with Binks, and vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens.

This is the first time Downing and Binks have collaborated since Les’ departure from Judas Priest in 1979. Les also appeared on the recordings of the studio album Killing Machine, and the Platinum selling live album Unleashed In The East.

Based now in London, Les has never strayed far from music, playing in various bands since his stint in Judas Priest, and recently announced his latest project Les Binks’ Priesthood, a group he has put together to play Judas Priest songs from the particular era that he was involved with the band.

Priesthood, also features guitarists Simon J Pinto and Gus Mark, bassist Paul Smith and vocalist Adam Shepherd, all of whom Les has played with in various settings, making it an easy decision on who to ask to join the group.

The Devilstar cover of Beyond The Realms Of Death will be available on digital streaming and download platforms from June 1st.