PSNI get all Steve Irwin and bag escaped snake

Snake on the loose
Snake on the loose

Bear Grylls eat your heart out. Police have bagged an exotic snake slithering around a Co Armagh town.

PSNI officers grabbed the little serpent and dropped it into an evidence bag after being alerted by eagle eyed natives.

Writing on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page, they said: "Came across a couple of suspicious males in Ulsterville Park, Portadown last night. Stopped to have a chat and they said they had just reported that they had found a snake. Aye, dead on.

"But then they pointed out this little guy. Erm... now what.

"Thankfully Con N was able to channel his inner Steve Irwin and placed it in an evidence bag until we could get something more appropriate.

"We are going to leave it in the reptile shop on Mahon Road when they open. If this is yours please bring proof of ownership and they'll get you sorted."