‘Scourge of drugs and dissident republicans’ topics of DUP meeting with senior PSNI chief

Dissent republican activity including illegal marches was one of the topics the DUP discussed with PSNI Chief Inspector Barney O’Connor.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 6:05 pm
DUP Cllr Margaret Tinsley with Chief Inspector Barney O'Connor and MLA Carla Lockhart

They raised the drugs issue and their availability in local communities, both noting the police had some success against drug dealers recently.

Mrs Lockhart said, “Whilst we dealt with many important issues there are two that remains a constant and that is the threat of dissident terrorism and the scourge of drugs in our society.

“They are both not welcome in our society and I welcome the progress the police have made on both issues over the past number of months. By nature both are destructive.

“We will continue this open conversation and look forward to the additional resources promised for community policing,” said Mrs Lockhart.