PSNI warn public of 'suspicious object'

PSNI post on suspicious object
PSNI post on suspicious object

A Facebook post from the PSNI warns the public of a 'suspicious object' called 'the sun'.

A good-humoured post on PSNI Craigavon's Facebook page said: "Security alert ongoing in Lurgan after this suspicious object was spotted.

"Any ideas? I'm stumped. Someone suggested it was something called "The sun" but that's already been sighted once this year so let's not get ahead of ourselves."

The post adds that as "we head towards the weekend the weather will be staying as is apparently, moving from "shorts and flip flops" weather towards "taps aff" weather".

On a serious note the post adds: "Just remember please, no amount of burny fire ball cancels out council by laws, so drinking in public still is a no no.

"Be safe, be respectful, and if you're ginger, get the factor 4,000,000 on."