Talented Brownlow pupils take to the stage

Last week saw the premiere of The Evolution of Integration from the pupils of Brownlow Integrated College which celebrates its 25th year of being a Transformed High School this year.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 1:12 pm

Pupils of the school selected the theme for its Drama Club, the idea being that they would produce a few short sketches for an assembly, but under the leadership of Mrs. Wendy Kinley, the pupils explored the topic in a non-confrontational way, coming up with more ideas than they knew what to do with.

The piece follows two young people, from both sides of the community, who have a desire to leave their segregated school systems behind and join each other in one school and included memories of staff that were there when the initial decision was still in discussion.

The show, which was an over-whelming success, saw the school open its stage for the first time in over a decade to three audiences including local primary schools, the general public and the student body. Special mention must go to the Integrated Education Fund and the Extended Schools Programme without whom this show could not have taken place.