TUV launch campaign in Upper Bann area

The TUV launched its Upper Bann Assembly campaign on Friday last.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 4:00 pm
Jim Allister with Upper Bann TUV candidate Roy Ferguson.

Party leader, Jim Allister MLA, and Upper Bann candidate, Roy Ferguson, both addressed the well attended meeting in Waringstown.

Mr Allister told the audience, “In an age of blandness in politics people know where they stand with TUV. Some wonder if the UUP will return to government with IRA/Sinn Fein after the election, others ponder if the DUP will ever stop sustaining Martin McGuinness as joint First Minister, but no one doubts where TUV stands. We tell it as it is.

“TUV is clear: we reject terrorists in government and the system of rigged devolution that keeps them there. Our vision is no special places for anyone, but devolution based on voluntary coalition and an effective Opposition.

“The basic democratic right to change your government, the right to vote a party out of government and the right to have an opposition are at the heart of the TUV’s positive approach.

“Upper Bann needs the forthright, hardworking representation that Roy Ferguson can give it. So get behind him and let’s shake things up in this constituency.”

Roy Ferguson said “The need for the sort of diligent service which TUV gives is greater than ever. TUV doesn’t do halfhearted either in politics or in service. We want to make things better for Upper Bann, and see it attain the great potential its hardworking people deserve.

“We’ve seen in Jim Allister what one determined TUV MLA can do. Now is the time to strengthen his hand and secure an even greater return for unionism and the people through the unwavering stand of TUV.”

On the the EU referendum Mr Allister said, “Let’s grasp the chance by voting LEAVE on 23rd June.”